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Pacific Seaflight Wingship


August 3, 2012


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Linus Romey

Pacific Seaflight Announces partnership with Wingship Technology

Anchorage, Alaska – Pacific Seaflight has signed a distribution agreement with Wingship Technology to market the WSH-500 wingship in North America. This agreement allows Pacific Seaflight to bring the only commercially available 50 passenger wingship to North America.

Wingships are marine vessels that utilize “ground effect lift” and are designed to operate completely above the surface of the water.

Linus Romey Wingship

Pacific Seaflight is internationally recognized as having the greatest depth of experience in the North American regulatory and marketing areas for wingships. “We are very excited to work with Wingship Technology,” said Linus Romey, Pacific Seaflight. “We established Pacific Seaflight specifically to introduce wingship transportation to the North American market, and this is a great advancement.”

With this agreement, Wingship Technology, a Korean (manufacturing) company gains entry into the vast North American market for their WSH-500. Pacific Seaflight will provide the needed expertise in ensuring regulatory compliance and the WSH-500 will be marketed through Pacific Seaflight.

“Wingships are similar to hydrofoils in key operating principals. At cruising speed, the hull is dynamically supported above the water surface; the difference being that wingships use airfoils instead of hydrofoils, therefore eliminating contact with the water surface while cruising. They offer transportation speeds of 100 knots at prices typically 30% less than comparable air transportation.”

Pacific Seaflight has proposed high speed routes for Southeast Alaska and other Alaska marine transportation routes as a time and cost saving option for travelers.

According to Romey the company was founded in 2003 and is internationally recognized for its depth of expertise in International Maritime Organization (IMO), Lloyds Registry, and USCG regulations which govern the manufacture, classification, and operation of wingships.

Linus Romey with Jin Hyoung PARK

Wingship Technology Corp. was founded in 2007, by researchers at the Oceanographic Development and Research Institute of Korea, with ten years of experience in the field of commercial wingships.

They secured the world rights of the famous German Hoverwing technology and began development and construction the first large commercial wingship for passenger, freight, patrol, or for recreation under the trade name WSH-500, capable of carrying 40 passengers in very high speed, comfort, and economy.

Additional information can be obtained at www.pacificseaflight.com.

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